Arabica scrumptious Land Bridge

With ideal terrain in all aspects to the delicious varieties of Arabica coffee is famous developers, from latitude appropriate to excessively high in the range of Lam Vien Plateau, with the sun in the daytime and gently mist falls along night, seems nature has stamped confirmation Cau Dat coffee with an ecstatic aroma, taste slightly sweet aftertaste after drinking left captivates those who enjoy the greatest comfort.


Try it once to know that if you know the right method with the motto seriously, strictly control the quality of the coffee farmers in Vietnam not inferior to anyone.

Saigon Coffe always try our best to give you a clean product and most delicious coffee. However, for a cup of coffee becomes more amazing check out instructions simple delicious coffee below.

Please use pure water, pure water as your coffee cup as delicious. Be sure to blow glass and filter is clean, it is best to boil water rinsed. Use boiled water at a temperature of 95-100 degrees C.

The amount of coffee to be used depending on the preferences of each person. However, an average of 17-20gram for a delicious coffee pot.

Cleaning of Saigon coffee into the filter, then flick Coffe, stirring coffee in the coffee pot to flatter, slightly compressed by turning the cap spiraling block.
Place about 15 ml of boiling water into the filter, wait until the coffee powder has absorbed all the water, continues to add 40ml of water or more on.
Cap the filter and wait to enjoy your delicious coffee

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