Coffee grinder

As one of the electric grinder sample size used for decoration and terrible accent for anywhere that it is present; Whether a food store, bar or living room, then the computer will show “class” of the employer.


When the coffee grinder, grind one should not too much that should be used for times of grinding enough because if you put too much coffee will have a long grind and produce heat makes the bean scent lost in the process, will affect aroma when lit.

In this process should not shaking the machine, trying to core grinding does not cause friction heat.

After using is finished, use a damp cloth and wipe the outside deck coffee machines, washing machines that do not use water to brush sweep, if any mini vacuum cleaner the better. If not used for a long time, then the next time you use just empty coffee powder was used previously was.

Color: blue, red

Machine Type: Electric coffee grinders, particularly compact, beautifully suited for cafe!

Weight: 20 kg

Material: iron, cast iron

Made in Viet Nam

Grind of coffee once:> 10 kg / 1h

Adjust the fineness: there

Warranty 12 months


More Horses: 2,700,000

A horse: 3,000,000

A Japanese horse: 3,500,000

Coffee grinder products of our company are guaranteed nationwide. You rest assured about the quality of our products. Free shipping tp.hcm area. In addition, customers tp.hcm pay shipping charges for the postal car or on delivery

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