Coffee prices two sides have not met sale

Today, the price of robusta coffee with ingredients in some places in the Highlands at a constant level to decrease very slightly, influenced futures prices closed floor negligible drop 30-12 days.

Robusta futures closed floor London fell $ 2 / tonne to 1515 USD / ton while arabica futures rose to the floor 2:20 cts / lb reached 123.65 cts / lb, a positive sign.


Scenario 2 floor trading coffee futures remained the same as the day before should not need to explain further here.

What makes the garden and unpredictable retail buyer and purchase price direction is the attitude of the London futures floor. This does not increase the floor, hiding under the pressure end of the month to the last closing price of new trading month is one thing, or market inventory doubt plus coffee for sale its new service robusta world No.1 still have a chance pressure: that is the question the market is interested in and do not know how to manage.

Sell ​​or so, at 33,000 VND / ton for many gardeners is low and they can choose to leave. But export offer prices on the price plus 40 or 20 London though USD / ton on May 3-2016 London prices, buyers still hesitate because supposedly infected.

The two sides have not met in purchases that place.

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