Domestic coffee prices “hard” at a low level

Domestic coffee market is still quiet operation with small contracts changing hands, from small resellers through larger enterprises. Although coffee prices this morning about 33 200 material / kg, many reported that they can sell the type 2, the maximum level of 5% black tank 33,500 VND / kg.


Although price is considered low, apparently still not attractive idle funds to buy storage as in previous years.

Yesterday floor London robusta coffee futures offer floor New York arabica coffee discrete operations, closing price fell 0.55 cts arabica / lb.

For robusta futures trading floor, trading 1-2016 months just two days and a half is terminated. Who sold on the basis of monthly closing prices must latch 1-2016 sold or transferred to the month 3-2016. When switched to May 3-2016, the price difference between the two in January and this was 30 3-2016 / tonne, plus another $ transfer fee at 10, the seller must take 40 USD / ton. “Do not know when a new increase of 40 USD / ton to get back the money paid forward months,” an exporter said in Pleiku.

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