Saigon Coffee dynamic space

Danang – the city of bridges – active life, be scaled bustle of Saigon Coffe space.

Shop is located in a beautiful location – the intersection corps – overlooking the sea, in front of Nguyen Thi Ly Bridge is. The space bar is divided according to each individual layer. 1st floor is airy, close to nature expressed through green systems are streamlined. Level 2 and Level 3 is the appropriate place for conversations, meetings and birthday party with space, comfort.


Caffe Saigon has become a familiar address of Danang city people from all walks of civil servants to the students, from young to middle-aged world. Highlights, which is attracting the space bar to enjoy a coffee with the workers clearly feel from time to time. To shop in the morning, you will feel relaxed in the airy, spacious. But at night, do not interrupt the shop will give you a warm, gentle.

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