Space Highlands

Away from the noise of the city, little space at Saigon Highland mountains Coffe will help you feel lighter. Inspired by the natural beauty of the majestic Highlands, the Mekong same page design team has created an overall space with artificial waterfall mountain system, reliefs, small stream, …


On an area of over 2000m2, we have distributed into 3 separate spaces. Indoor area is cozy with the arrangement of the bas-conditioning system with appropriate lighting. Boat houses with material is from natural materials combined with artificial stream flows around the shop create a unique space. At the system artificial rock, we open the space inside the mountain to the air conditioning system so you can enjoy the feeling of enjoying a coffee in the modern echoes of thousands (particularly this is an area for non-smokers cigarette). Saigon Coffe give you more options when you walk into the restaurant. Deleting temporary leave of life rush of Saigon, you enjoy little Highlands in the heart of the city.

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