The space of the sun and sea breeze

At Nha Trang, this cafe will give you a feeling of closeness, familiarity as the people here. We create an open space so that you can enjoy the sun and wind of Nha Trang.
22_pham_van_dongWith 03 shops located in the beautiful location – overlooking the sea – you can watch a gentle Nha Trang beach with white sand, Tran Phu arched bridge crossing the two banks, each successive green coconut . Here, the spatial distribution is remarkably consistent between the inside and outside. Inside is a quiet, gentle. Outer Space (garden) is a comfortable, airy, lively. The logical connection between the two spaces with trees help the overall space more harmonious. Brown color and is the second series in the colors of the Mekong mainstream coffee page here. However, the two colors are more reduced in each of the restaurant space to create strange feeling, new to enjoy.

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